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All smiles at Kings Dental Group after award win 2018 Business of The Year

When dentist Dr. Terry O’Hare learned that his practice, Kings Dental Group, would be named 2018 Business of the Year by the Lemoore Chamber of Commerce — well, it put a smile on his face.

O’Hare was informed of the win when Chamber of Commerce CEO Amy Ward made a surprise trip to his offices recently.

“I thought she wanted to come by to discuss the Lemoore Christmas Parade, which I work with them on and help sponsor. It was a little embarrassing,” O’Hare laughs.

Kings Dental Group has been in business in downtown Lemoore for over 20 years.

“We look forward to coming in every day,” says patient coordinator Cindy Soloria, who’s been at the business for four years.

O’Hare is committed to supporting the patients that support his business. He has given hundreds of toothbrushes to military families in need and locals doing missionary work and has sponsored numerous projects, including school yearbooks.

 “I support my community by supporting the people who are in it,” he said.

Along with Dr. Amy Coeler of Oakberry Dental and oral surgeons from Central Valley Implant and Oral Surgery Institute in Hanford, O’Hare donates his time and talent to helping veterans every November.

In 2017, the doctors gave a combined $25,000 in services to helping vets who needed oral care over the course of a day.

O’Hare also gives his time at regional CDA Cares clinics that see more than a thousand patients receive care that they could not normally afford.  Over a million dollars’ worth of dentistry is given out and the semi-annual clinics, the most recent of which was hosted in Bakersfield.

During these clinics O’Hare works with the prosthodontic department, providing dentures and partials to patients and replacing missing teeth.

“Without teeth, it’s hard to smile. You don’t want to go to a job interview if you can’t smile, so just getting a tooth in there is a great impact on people and they’re always very grateful,” O’Hare says.

Becki Oregel, a registered dental assistant who works at Kings Dental Group, assists at the CDA Cares events as well.

“Helping makes his heart grow a lot,” Oregel says. “At the events, it’s usually elderly people and seeing their new smile means a lot to [O’Hare].”

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